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Maths, English, ICT and Business Studies Teachers Needed

We are seeking a Maths, English, ICT and Business Studies to start in September 2019 for a school in Buckinghamshire, UK.  Successful candidates will be committed to pursuing excellence and have a clear vision of how they will contribute and collaborate within the school.

The school is an innovative and aspirational school that is driven by the highest expectations in everything they do.  They offer rich and diverse learning environments and work hard to ensure everyone succeeds on a pastoral, extracurricular and academic basis.

Situated in the heart of Buckinghamshire, the school lies on the edge of a semi-rural market town between High Wycombe and Aylesbury. It has fantastic transport links into the city.  London is just a 30 minute direct train away; the rolling British countryside is right on your doorstep, making Buckinghamshire a popular location for international teachers, as it gets the best of both worlds. 

The school’s Vision and Values:

  • Our Motto :  Aspire & Achieve
  • Our Vision:  Our students are PositiveResponsible and Successful.

The school’s vision:

Every child matters.  Our commitment to “Aspire and Achieve” means that our students are as successful as they can possibly be during their time here.   They become knowledgeable, confident and independently skilful as learners and make great progress. Our students find the experience enjoyable and memorable. 

  • Students become confident, knowledgeable and skilful
  • They develop the ability to learn independently
  • They make great progress in their time at our school whatever their starting point
  • They enjoy their learning
  • They will remember their time at school positively

Every student joining the school feels safe, valued and well supported. We track their achievements and well-being closely, supporting them well when they need it and celebrating their successes. Students leaving the school have a clear idea of their future ambitions, ways to achieve these and have made wise decisions about their next steps in life.

  • Every student feel safe, valued and well supported
  • Everyone’s progress and well-being is tracked
  • Support is given when it’s needed
  • Success is celebrated and enjoyed
  • Students’ ambitions are supported
  • We help everyone make wise decisions for the future

Our vision and this mission statement combines with robust self-evaluation to guide us in response to changing circumstances, local and government initiatives. Our stakeholders – pupils, parents, the local community and governors all contribute to making our school, a school of choice.

  • We are the local school of choice
  • All our stakeholders take part – pupils, parents, the local community, staff and governors all have a voice and are respected
  • Our strong vision and this mission guides us in response to changing circumstances, local and government initiatives
  • We are ambitious and highly motivated – We make no excuses and accept none
  • We aspire and achieve to get

Can you teach Maths, English, ICT or Business Studies? Are you a qualified teacher? Do you want to teach in England?

Apply now! Contact Gemma Yates on +61449 790 334 or email gemma.yates@teachin.co.uk

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