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Covid-19 and Teaching in the UK

Teaching In The UK During COVID-19

Jan 2022

The COVID pandemic has had an effect globally on schools, teachers and the delivery of learning to students.

If you’re an Australian, NZ or Canadian teacher wishing to pursue teaching in the UK, then read through the Q & A below to find out how we are able to support you during this uncertain time. The good news is that schools are open, travel exemptions are no longer needed, and boosters are available to anyone in the UK who was double jabbed more than 3 months ago. Quarantine on arrival is also no longer necessary, unless you have a positive RAT result on arrival. 

I was planning to teach in the UK in 2022. Can I still pursue this?

The answer is yes!

Outlined below are some things you need to consider at this point in time but these points may become easier as we see restrictions easing;

  1. Flights: International flights are now operating regularly. We will cover $900 towards your flights if you decide to go and secure a long-term contract. 
  2. Visas: There is no longer a longer wait time for visa applications. 
  3. Arriving in the UK– You now need to take a RAT test and get a negative result and then you are free to gets started on your UK adventure.

Will I be safe working in UK schools?

The UK Government and the Department of Education are working closely with schools to ensure that suitable practices are implemented to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19 amongst teachers and students. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Keeping the same supply teachers returning to the same school each term
  • Staggered start and end to school day across year groups
  • Teachers and supply staff only working in a particular year group ( Bubble)
  • Grouping children together in groups or “bubbles”, a class in primary and year group in secondary
  • Avoiding contact in school between these groups, with separate starting, finishing, lunch and break times
  • Attendance compulsory with the threat of penalty fines
  • Test and trace in place for schools
  • Regular cleaning of hands, but masks not expected for pupils or staff
  • Those with symptoms told to stay out of school
  • No big group events like school assemblies and arranging classrooms with forward facing desks
  • Separate groups on school buses and discouraging the use of public transport

Primary school students

What happens if I contract COVID?

Ideally you will be vaccinated before you leave Australia but if not the normal self isolation rules will apply if you have milder COVID Symptoms.  If you have severe symptoms then you will need to seek medical care in a UK hospital. You will be financially covered by the National Health Service while you are in the UK and appropriate care and action will be taken to ensure you receive the best care available. The three COVID Vaccines are now available so you would have access to these after the elderly and vulnerable have been given theirs. 

What type of work is on offer?

To minimize risk we would encourage you to look at longer term work with one school, so you’re not travelling around to many schools.  If you decide you want to do supply then we would try and restrict your exposure to a few schools rather than many.

Opportunities for 2022 teaching positions are available, through our Virtual UK Principal Event.

For more information on gaining an endorsement and securing a suitable role, if you have any questions or you would like us to help you with teaching in the UK please get in touch. 

Whatever you decide, we are here to help when the time is right. One thing is for sure, teachers have proved to be real superstars during this challenging time. We appreciate you!

International teachers can enjoy a free flight to the UK with us.