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Continued Professional Development

At Teach In we believe that continued professional development is essential for the ongoing skill development of teachers, teaching assistants, and school leaders alike.

We offer a range of CPD courses to all of our candidates at various point in the year.

Our Teaching Assistant candidates benefit from:

  • Team-Teach – a BILD accredited behaviour support training programme which teaches positive handling strategies for responding to and managing challenging behaviours. Team-Teach training is suitable for teachers and teaching assistants wanting to improve their situation management. It teaches risk and restraint reduction, and increases staff confidence and competence. It also promotes positive relationships. Team-Teach training has received the highest level of UK training award: a National Training Award. Team-Team is recognised as the leading strategy for de-escalation techniques. Most UK schools welcome candidates who have undertaken Team-Teach training.
  • Jolly Phonics – a fun, multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy through phonics. We offer online Jolly Phonics training, so our candidates can upskill with this popular method of literacy teaching at their own convenience

All candidates benefit from our annual programme of events for trainee teachers, in which headteachers and experienced teachers host workshops and presentations for our NQTs and overseas teachers. For information please speak to your local Teach In team.

Our international teacher candidates benefit from additional training and CPD offerings to ensure they are sufficiently skilled and supported in UK teaching requirements. The full list of professional development options available to overseas teachers is available here.

continued professional development for teachers