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Teaching In The UK During COVID-19

The COVID pandemic has had an effect globally on schools, teachers and delivery of learning to students but things are back to near normal in the UK, with schools open and operating!

If you’re an Aussie or New Zealand teacher wishing to pursue teaching in the UK, then read through the Q & A below to find out how we are able to support you during this uncertain time. The good news is that it is still possible!  UK schools are open and we have fantastic opportunities for teachers wanting work in the UK in 2022.

I was planning to teach in the UK in 2022,  Can I still pursue this?

The answer is yes. You can now travel and work in the UK without requiring a travel exemption. 

Outlined below are some things you need to consider at this point in time but these points may become easier as we see restrictions easing;

  1. Flights: Schedules are back to near normal levels and flights are not more expensive than pre-covid. We will also cover $900 towards your flights if you decide to go.
  2. Visas: There are longer wait times than normal, so you need to factor this in. Currently the visa processing is 6-12 weeks.

Will I be safe working in UK schools?

The UK Government and the Department of Education are working closely with schools to ensure that suitable practices are implemented to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19 amongst teachers and students.

What happens if I contract COVID?

Ideally you will be vaccinated before you leave home but if not the normal self isolation rules will apply if you have milder COVID Symptoms.  If you have severe symptoms then you will be covered by the National Health Service in the UK and appropriate care and action will be taken to ensure you receive the best care. The three COVID Vaccines are now available so you would have access to these.

What type of work is on offer?

To minimize risk we would encourage you to look at longer term work with one school, so you’re not travelling around to many schools.  If you decide you want to do supply then we would try and restrict your exposure to a few schools rather than many.

Teaching positions are available, so get in touch!

For more information on gaining an endorsement and securing a suitable role, if you have any questions or you would like us to help you with teaching in the UK please register below: 

    Are you looking to live and work in the UK?

    We can help. Register here: www.teachin.com.au/register/

    Whatever you decide, we are here to help when the time is right. One thing is for sure, teachers have proved to be real superstars during this challenging time. We appreciate you!

    free flight to the UK

    International teachers can enjoy a free flight to the UK with us.

    The key points of the SMH article are;

    • That airlines now recommends international passengers arrive at the airport four hours before their flight leaves
    • The COVID-19 test and vaccine certificate you need for international travel are slightly different to the regular ones
    • Check-in may take much longer than expected because extra requirements now slow passengers down

    SMH Article Information:

    “How do I prove I’m vaccinated?

    You’re already vaccinated? Great, but this is international travel 2.0 — the version with unexpected twists.

    You might already have the COVID-19 vaccination digital certificate, but the federal government has also introduced the International Vaccination Certificate.

    The International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate shows a traveller’s passport details and a QR code.(ABC News: Mary Lloyd)

    You could be asked to show this to airline staff, local authorities at your destination, or Australian immigration officials.

    To get yours, go into the Medicare app, or log on to the Medicare section of my.gov.au, find your vaccine history and request an international certificate.

    You’ll need to have your passport number and expiry date handy.

    The international version can be saved as a PDF and printed out. Carrying a hard copy is advisable because you never know when you’ll run out of battery power, or lose coverage.

    Surely the COVID-19 test is the same?

    Of course not.

    Getting a PCR test for international travel is slightly more complicated than the regular one we all know and love. So best not leave it too late.

    Not all testing sites can provide an internationally recognised negative COVID-19 PCR test result.

    It will cost you $150 and you’ll need your passport details and a bit more time to fill out the required forms.

    Not all testing sites can give you the kind of test you need to board an international flight. Check that your chosen testing station can.

    Australia does not require a negative COVID-19 test before you depart, but the country you’re going to might, so check that well in advance: Your airline may not allow you to travel if you don’t meet the requirements set out by that country.

    Check-in is check-in, right? Why would it take any longer?

    This is where all the extra little bits and pieces can make things really fun.

    It may have been a global pandemic, but there is currently no global agreement on what’s needed for international travel.

    Every country is making up their own rules.

    One destination might need you to download a health app, the next to complete a health declaration, another to do both.

    If you hope to relax at the airport before boarding, be sure to arrive early.(ABC News: Mary Lloyd)

    Some countries use online systems, others require printed forms the ground staff pull out of a folder.

    Plus, things are changing fast, so it’s possible one country’s rules changed last Thursday.

    For many travellers, the requirements will be unexpected and take extra time.

    Let’s assume it normally takes five minutes to check in.

    When you arrive there are three counters open and 12 groups ahead of you in the queue, so you’d expect to wait 20 minutes.

    But if each group takes an extra 10 minutes, and someone argues with ground staff about what’s required, you’re going to wait more than an hour to check in.

    And you’ll be crossing your fingers the person in front of you doesn’t present a vaccine certificate in a language staff don’t recognise.

    Any changes to security and immigration?

    No, but don’t be surprised if you discover before you go through security or customs there’s another surprise form to complete on the fly.

    Remember to carry a pen.

    What else do I need to take with me?

    A mask.

    You’ll need to wear a mask from airport to airport and throughout your flight.(AAP: James Ross)

    Most airlines require you to wear a mask for the entire journey, so make sure it’s comfortable.

    Some might prefer one type of mask over another. If they want you to wear a surgical masks and not cloth, they will likely provide those.

    Consider taking some snacks and a water bottle. Some domestic airlines have suspended refreshment services, so you can’t be sure you’ll get that cuppa you’re hanging out for on the local leg.”

    Are you looking to live and work in the UK ?

    We can help. Register here: www.teachin.com.au/register/

    Whatever you decide, we are here to help when the time is right. One thing is for sure, teachers have proved to be real superstars during this challenging time. We appreciate you!

    free flight to the UK

    International teachers can enjoy a free flight to the UK with us.