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Moving to the UK: where should I live and teach?

Moving to the UK is almost a rite of passage for Australian, New Zealand  and Canadians,
but many never get further than London. This is quite understandable. London is an endlessly fascinating, vibrant city in which its residents constantly discover hidden gems, giving them a unique pride in their ‘secret’ city. london teaching jobsLondon is a city of vast contrast. It’s the very definition of a cultural melting pot. It’s a city where you can easily walk or cycle from one culture, one cuisine, one cool collection of shops to another. London’s rich history oozes from every surface, the richness of its cultures oozes from every market, every theatre, every park.

But as the 49 million UK residents who don’t live in London will tell you, there’s so much more to England than the capital – outstanding as it is.

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There’s more to Britain than London!

The warm, close-knit communities in the north of England are a welcoming bunch. The cost of living is far less in the north than in London or the south, so a teacher’s salary goes a lot further. Some of the most dramatic scenery, exciting mini-breaks, and charming towns and characterful cities can be found in England’s north.

The Midlands is a fantastic option in which to base yourself if you are keen to explore the whole of the UK. As the name suggests, the Midlands are central to almost everything. They boast excellent transport links to the rest of the country, as well as to continental Europe. You can live in a buzzing city or a tiny storybook village in the countryside.  Whichever you choose you can be guaranteed of areas of outstanding natural beauty right on your doorstep.

If you’re still lured by London, but you’re less keen on the crowds and congestion, consider the Home Counties. Leafy and green, the home counties are synonymous with comfortable living conditions and well kept public spaces. You can live in the genteel home counties and still embark on a big night out in London. Just make sure you catch the last train home!

moving to the UK? teach in kent countryside

Teaching in the south of England is always popular with Antipodeans, lured by the warmer climate and coastal lifestyles on offer. As with the rest of the UK, the south of England boasts a rich yet accessible history. There are crumbling castles, well preserved stately homes, and a plethora of fascinating museums, alongside vibrant, modern culture.

To live and teach in Wales is to experience a truly unique part of the UK. Wales offers spectacular countryside, beautiful beaches, interesting festivals and extremely friendly locals.

Live in different regions for a real working holiday!

One of the joys of travelling overseas to work is that you can be flexible in your plans. Teach In makes it easy for you to teach in a host of special places all over the UK. Because we have partner schools and branches across the country, if there’s somewhere you’re keen to live, we’ll do our very best to find you your perfect teaching job there. Or you may choose to travel the entire country as a supply teacher, trying out any number of UK locales in which to live and teach. The choice is yours!

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