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UK School Terms

The UK and Canadian school years align, so that it makes it easy to start teaching in the UK, as soon as you qualify. Australian and New Zealand teachers take up a contract in September or at the beginning of Term 2 in January or even in April, for Term 3.

The British Academic Year runs from September to July and is split into three terms, with a one or two-week half-term holiday in the middle of each. Each area will have slightly different term times, but approximate dates are listed below. Click here to check exact holiday dates for your area. Term dates are different in Scotland and Northern Ireland. This means you never work for more than 6 weeks without at least a week off and that there are 13 weeks in an academic year that you can travel and explore the UK and Europe. All our teachers enjoy exploring Europe and ticking off places like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Dublin and Berlin, while based in the UK

Autumn Term

  • Starts early September. Finishes third week in December.
  • Half term break: End of October (1 week)
  • Christmas Holidays: Two weeks

Spring Term

  • Starts first / second week in January. Finishes early April.
  • Half term break: middle/end February (1 week)
  • Easter Holidays: Two weeks

Summer Term

  • Starts two weeks after Easter. Finishes third week of July
  • Half term break: End of May (1 week)
  • Summer Holidays: Six weeks

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