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Travel Exemptions for Teachers Heading to the UK

Travel Exemptions for Teachers Heading to the UK

If you have an interest in heading to the UK later this year or in the future, you are probably keeping a bit of an eye on current travel restrictions prohibiting Aussies from leaving their home country. You may have thought that teaching and travelling in the UK is not an option at all, but that is not actually true. We wanted to give you an update and some positive news.

We now have helped many Aussie teachers secure a teaching job for September 2020 in England and they have now also successfully applied for and gained a travel exemption, allowing them to leave Australia and enter the UK in the coming weeks.


We wanted to share this information with you, so if you want to travel and teach in the UK, you understand that it is a real option, as long as you have work secured and a contract to show as proof of your need to travel. We specialise in helping teachers secure a great teaching role in schools across England and Wales, so we can help you find a suitable job as well as navigate the exemption application process.

Below are some FAQ’s regarding the exemption process and the travel options currently available. As information changes regularly at the moment, please contact us for up to date information and always check official sites for the most relevant updates.

We are local Teach in consultants:

  • Katherine Gibson on 0432 176 622
  • Reyne Auld on 0420 470 334.

We are here in Australia, so we can contact you quickly! We are currently helping teachers achieve their dream of teaching and travelling in the UK in 2021.

We have a Virtual Interview Event this September. It is designed so that you can interview face to face with a UK Principal, gain an endorsement and be matched to the perfect school for you in 2021. Make sure you let us know if you want to be part of this.


Where do I apply to gain a travel exemption to leave Australia?
Use this Link to access the application form you need to apply for an exemption.
You will need to create a Username and Password to start the online application.
You will need supporting documents to show you have work secured and you will need to also bring these documents with you when you physically travel.

Do I need to apply for a visa to work in the UK if I gain a travel exemption?
Along with an exemption, you will also need UK working rights in the way of a Visa or British Passport to work in the UK. Most Aussie and New Zealand teachers under 30 apply for a Youth Mobility Scheme Visa. Some have access to a British Passport or an Ancestry Visa. A few experienced Maths and Science teachers are sponsored to work in the UK and can apply for a Tier 2 General Migrant visa. Here is information on UK working rights.

When should I apply for an exemption to travel to the UK?
You should apply for a travel exemption at least 4 weeks, but not more than 3 months before your planned travel. Don’t make duplicate applications, as this will slow the process down. If you are not approved, you should not travel, even if your visa has been approved.

If I gain an exemption, will I need to self isolate in the UK for 2 weeks on arrival?
At this time (July 2020) the UK will allow Australian and New Zealand citizens to arrive in the UK without having to self isolate for 14 days. The problem is that if you transit on your way to the UK in most countries in Asia, the UAE or Africa, you will need to undertake the 14 day isolation period.
Hong Kong is one of the 50 countries that are approved to travel through at this time, and this is still a transit option for Aussie’s and NZ’s.
This link provides more information on the approved countries you can transit through.
Be aware that this is subject to change, without notice.

Travel to the UK

What happens if I get COVID19 in the UK? Would I have access to the National Health Service?
Anyone who arrives in the UK on a Visa or with a British Passport will have access to the British National Health Service (NHS). You need to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge at the time you apply for a visa to the UK, which gives you free access to the service.

You may have lots of other questions, and we are here to help!
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you, when the time is right, to live and teach in the UK. We are all teachers that have already had an amazing experience in different parts of England.

Contact us.