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UK Principal Interviews-What to expect when you register with Teach in

We’re teachers who have lived and worked in the UK and have several decades of combined experience supporting Aussie, NZ, and Canadian teachers into roles across England and Wales. We’re kind of obsessed with making the dream of living and working in the UK a reality.

When you register with Teach in, you are accessing your own expert local Teaching Consultant. Our role is to be available to you, answer all your questions, listen and then offer honest advice,

We advocate for you during the interview process and facilitate the best possible job match for you. Once you arrive in the UK, you will be supported by a British consultant who will also be there for you, when you need them. 

How much does having your own Teach in Consultant cost?

The good news is that the service we offer is free for teachers. It is British schools that pay for us to advertise, recruit and support overseas teachers, who then go on to start work in their schools.   

Our Mission

We want you to feel in control as you navigate the process of becoming work-ready. We also realize that getting a job is only part of the support you need when you are relocating to England, so you get help with all aspects of your planning.

What happens when you register with Teach in?

  • You will be contacted by a local Consultant who is a qualified teacher and has over a decade of experience supporting teachers heading to the UK. We will actively listen and then provide honest and transparent advice and make sure you are aware of all your work options. You will also receive an ‘Information Pack’ via email.
  • We will follow up with an easy to digest, step-by- step plan to make sure you are on track to achieve your goal of living and working in the UK. 
  • After receiving your Step 1 documents, we can start to present you to our UK team and whether you want a contract in a school or Guaranteed Supply Work, we will be working in the background to present you with options. 
  • As vacancies come through (assuming you want a full-time role), we will be a neutral party to discuss each school, send you comprehensive info on the school and area so you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to interview or not.No pressure- ever! If you want to start as a supply teacher, we can issue you with a Guaranteed Supply Contract in one of many of our Branch Locations
  • After you have interviewed and accepted a role, you will receive your letter of offer work contract which will confirm your salary and start and end dates as well as terms of service, If you are a new teacher, we will make sure you are assigned a Mentor. 
  • You will start to have contact with your UK Consultant and your local Consultant as you send through Step 2 and 3 documents and book your flights. Any advice you need with Visa applications or transitional support is available!
  • When we have received all your compliance documents, we can help you cover the cost of your flight, with our Flight Reimbursement Scheme.
  • Finally we will connect you with other teachers arriving in the same area as you and offer accommodation advice and support before you head over. 
  • You will book in to meet a Uk Consultant after you arrive and will be invited to Networking Events in the UK.

I hope this overview helps you get a sense of the process of becoming work-ready and the type of service we offer.

We know that everyone’s reason for heading to the UK if different, so we like to get to know everyone we work with and develop a warm,  professional relationship, based on honesty and a commitment to candidate care.

Tell us about your plans. Let’s help them become a reality!

To register your interest in a Principal interview, complete your details on the form below