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UK School Year Calendar-Travel & Teach

In the UK the school year starts in September; this is due to the summer falling in the middle of the calendar year. 

There are 195 days in the school year, which is 39 teaching weeks, generally the same as Australia, NZ and Canada. . 

There are 3 terms in the school academic year and there are half-term breaks of a week within each term, 2 weeks at the end of term and 6-7 weeks in the summer break.

In England, Public Holidays are known as Bank Holidays.

When to arrive to start teaching? 

Overseas teachers can arrive for the start of Term 1, 2 or 3 and work is available year-round for supply teachers. It is great to know you are in demand in your profession in England!

The terms do change slightly depending on when Christmas and Easter fall each year. And depending on the location of your school, your holidays be one week before or after other schools’ holidays in other places across the UK. But you all get the same amount of holidays.

Holidays and Travel

The one-week half-term breaks are perfect for travel around the UK and closer European destinations. Then the 2 week breaks over Christmas and Easter can be used for a trip further away.

The 6 week summer holidays are an amazing opportunity to travel for a longer period of time, and the European weather is best between June and September.

This is what you could achieve travel wise in a year teaching in the UK.

Happy Travels

Gina Scott-Teacher and Teach In international Consultant