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Guide to Getting Started 

Thinking of teaching in the UK but not sure how it all works?

In short, the Teach in team is here exclusively to help international teachers navigate the process of securing work and becoming compliant to teach in the UK.

Our consulting service to international teachers is free as it is British schools that fund our business, not you.

While getting ready to teach in the UK requires similar steps that everyone has to complete, we like to help all our teachers in a bespoke manner, and that will mean we need to understand your work and location preferences, your unique skill set, your previous experience and be clear about what you want to get out of your time in the UK.We will create a timeline for you to work from, and we will prompt you when you need to complete the next step. 

Here is a brief over view of the basics regarding getting ready to teach in the UK. 

Step 1- Getting to Know You

The first step is to register with us and then we will send you an information pack via email, which will include and a link to book a call with us. We will also reach out if we have your number. Please take the time to book a call with one of the local Teach in team. Why? We are teachers who have lived and worked in the UK, but beyond that, we have all have over 15 years experience supporting Australian, NZ and Canadian teachers to make their UK teaching adventure develop from an idea to a reality.We love getting to know you are a little bit obsessed with advocating for our teachers and finding the right job in the right location, and generally making the transition to the UK as easy as possible.

Step 2- Initial Compliance Documents

When we have all the information we need, we will send you the a comprehensive email outlining the initial documents we will need to present you to our schools or to our branches if you would rather start as a supply teacher. We will also discuss your visa options and when to start that process.

Step 3- Preparing for interviews. 

We will help you prepare for online interviews and offer you loads of information and links about each school and support throughout the interview process. You will be able to select the right opportunities for you, and we will arrange video interviews with these schools.

Step 4- Confirming your job!

Once you are offered and accept a job, we will make sure you are sent your contract and are paid correctly, based on your level of experience and the location of the school in the UK. 

Step 5- Final Compliance and Transitional Support

Once you have secured a fixed-term contract, permanent position or a Guaranteed Supply Contract, we will make sure you are on track to be fully compliant before you arrive in the UK. We will connect you with your UK Consultant and other teachers arriving at the same time. We will make sure you have all the information and support you need to get started in the UK. That may be help with banking, getting your National Insurance Number and finding a place to live. 

Step 6- YourFlight Reimbursement Payment

When you are fully compliant to teach in the UK and ready to head over, we will be able to help with a payment towards your flight to the UK. 

Step 7- Arriving in the UK

We will make sure you are connected with your UK Consultant and meet with them before you start at your school. You will also be in touch with the school, and most likely will have some in-service days before your first day. We will make sure you are connected with other teachers getting started in your school or the local area and we will make sure you are invited to the first networking event. We will keep in touch and make sure everything is going well at your new school, or be in daily contact if you are doing guaranteed supply work.

It’s just a guide as everyone is different. Some teachers register with us 2 years before they plan to go and other get in touch 6 weeks before they fly out. The more time we have to get to know you the better,  but we can make it happen for you,  whatever the situation is. 

Reach out for a chat.