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Earn while you learn: Teach In announces flexible new teacher training courses

Teach In have unveiled a revolutionary new teacher training course that enables graduates to learn on-the-job, and to earn an income while they learn how to teach.

Graduates who have just finished a university degree are rarely excited about the thought of paying for further study. Yet for grads who are keen to train as teachers, this has long been the only option available to them. Even though on-the-job teacher training programmes like School Direct were introduced as a less expensive option to the PGCE, they still incur considerable fees, which very few new graduates are thrilled about.

Recognising that most new grads want to start working and earning money, Teach In has developed a fantastic new route to qualified teacher status (QTS) that doesn’t cost graduates a penny – and they get paid while they learn! This programme is known at Teach In Qualified, or TIQ, and it’s causing quite a buzz in the education sector.

teacher training courses LondonGraduates on the TIQ program are paid to work in schools, starting with general Teaching Assistant duties. As their skills develop, so do their responsibilities, and they end up, two years later, as qualified teachers with full QTS. While they are working in schools, TIQ trainee teachers simultaneously partake in a bespoke in-school teacher training programme, delivered by a leading and well-respected SCITT training provider. Over the two years of the programme, TIQ participants develop and hone their teaching skills, supported by a school-based mentor.

Rather than taking time out each week to attend training days, instead TIQ candidates attend additional training sessions and workshops in half-term holidays. This minimises their out of class time, and maximises their in-school experience. And because the course runs over two years, candidates are able to develop their teaching and classroom management skills at a pace that suits them.

Is the TIQ Teacher Training Programme right for you?

There are a range of in-school and university based options for teacher-training, and some options suit some people better than others. Our Teach In team mission is to perfectly place teachers and teaching assistants in the right school for them, because we know that happy teachers inspire happy students. If you are interested in participating in our teacher training course, we will do a thorough consultation to ensure it’s the right option for you. If you’re not sure, here are a couple of things to consider:

No fees

TIQ costs teacher trainees nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. TIQ absorbs all of the training fees associated with the trainee teacher achieving QTS. So TIQ trainees earn money, and pay no fees. Pretty cool, huh?!

Flexible start dates

Typically PGCE and School Direct courses start in September. If you miss the application deadline, or can’t start in September, you miss out. TIQ is different. It’s flexible. TIQ candidates can start at any point in the academic year. So you won’t have to drag yourself back from that long-awaited overseas adventure too early!

Make friends

Unlike other school based training routes, on a TIQ teacher training programme you’ll meet a cohort of other trainees to share your experience with. These new friends will add an extra dimension to your training, as you will benefit from their experiences.

Become a qualified teacher

At the end of the two year TIQ teacher training course you’ll have QTS status, just the same as you would after any other teacher training course. The big difference with TIQ is that there’s no cost to you to get the qualification, just the opportunity to learn in a real-world situation, and with a regular, reliable income while you train!

To find out more, or register your interest in this course, visit out TIQ Teacher Training page.
in school teacher training course

TIQ offers you the chance to earn money while training to be a teacher, and avoid any course fees.