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What is teaching in the UK really like (and why do so many International Teachers do it)?

British schools love Australian, Canadian and New Zealand teacher graduates, and we work with over 5,000 schools across England and Wales. If you are under 31, you can most likely access to 2 year Youth Mobility Scheme visa, to work in the UK. If you have a British Parent, Grandparent or Partner you will also be likely to gain UK working rights (British Passport, Ancestry or Spousal Visa). All other teachers can gain a Skilled Worker Visa, if we can find them a school that will sponsor them to work in the UK.

What are you waiting for? Make 2021 or 2022 the time you combine teaching and travel in England and the UK and Europe! We even cover the cost of your flight over to England.

Teaching overseas in England is the perfect way to improve your resume. You’ll get highly regarded UK teaching experience. All while you’re living a fabulous overseas adventure. And you’ll be paid for it – as well as scoring a free flight to the UK.

teach LondonTeachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland generally have the easiest transition to teaching in the UK, due to similarities in curriculums and education pedagogies. That said, there are still some pretty big differences in the UK education system and the one you’ve grown to know back home. Here’s some valuable information to help you understand what teaching is like in the UK.

We know the idea of teaching overseas can be overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. That’s why we have teams across the UK to give extra support and assistance to our international teachers. They’ll organise an airport pickup for you, advise you on finding somewhere to live, they even organise social events. Our staff are ex-teachers, committed to finding all of our teachers their perfect placement – because they know that happy teachers inspire happy students.

teaching overseas can be a great way to explore EuropeEuropean adventures on your doorstep

Fancy popping to Prague for the weekend? Climbing the Cairngorms? Or how about feasting through France? Because of England’s proximity to Europe, there’s a world of possibilities awaiting UK based teachers every weekend, every half-term break, every school holidays. Get in touch, we’ll help you get there.

Teach In have offices throughout the UK as well as in Australia, Canada and Ireland. We help both teaching graduates and experienced teachers from overseas find their perfect job in their perfect location from a range of work opportunities – supply/ relief, fixed-contract, long-term and permanent, and even provide a guaranteed pay scheme to our overseas supply teachers, ensuring you’ll always know where the funds for your next adventure are coming from!

International teachers working in the UK with Teach In can expect the following support:

  • An experienced and dedicated consultant with knowledge of the local area
  • Arrival support from your local branch
  • Weekly pay
  • The facility to offset expenses through the leading limited company provider
  • Support network of other overseas teachers
  • Access to work across the UK (not just in London and the surrounding areas) – and unbiased advice on the locations that might suit you best
  • Local branch support
  • Introduction to existing overseas teacher communities
  • Support with accommodation and with setting up bank accounts
  • An invitation to our Induction Day
  • Support obtaining a National Insurance number
  • Interview & visa application support
  • Professional development

I had two interviews with the school I ended up working at within a week of contacting Teach In. Everything was done extremely promptly whereas other agencies were incredibly slow and inefficient.

Alina Chernin, Canadian Teacher in the UK

Using Teach In has enabled us to bring some excellent Australian teachers into our school and their ethos completely fits our vision.  They have High Expectations for the children it terms of their behaviour and work.  They are Caring and develop relationships with the children quickly so that they are trusted.  They have Positive Attitudes and bring that sense of energy and fun to the classroom and school.  Finally, they are Successful getting great work and pride from the children they work with.

I would wholly recommend employing teachers from a different country as they bring a fresh outlook and energy to your staff team.

Martin Lumb, Head Teacher, Hunslet Carr Primary School, Leeds