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The real reasons to teach in the UK

There are lots of obvious reasons why teaching in the UK is a smart move for Aussie, Canadian and New Zealander teachers which is why so many head over every year!

Most teachers we help are motivated to make the move so they can enjoy a mix of travel and adventure while developing professionally. They have heard all about what living in the UK is like and all the things they can do and they usually have friends or family already there who are encouraging them to go. Most teachers we help are looking for a chance to explore Europe and do something really fun before they “properly” settle down and life gets too complicated. 

  1. You will be teaching in a world-class education system and you’ll collaborate and learn from skilled colleagues who you will probably stay connected with throughout your career. Learning new approaches to teaching and learning through an immersive experience is invaluable.
  2. The British National Curriculum is taught across the world so having experience delivering it will open doors to employment in international schools across the globe. You will also be well received when you head home after your UK adventure. It will feel great to gain recognition for your skills and the diverse experience you now have.
  3. There is a real need for teachers right across the UK and international teachers who take up positions are likely to be offered fast-track development opportunities and more senior leadership roles than they would at home. Teach in offers lots of professional development to help our teachers transition over to the UK and throughout their time there. We make sure our beginning teachers have a mentor to help them adjust. 
  4. There is practical and emotional support available with the UK Government focused on a whole-school approach to developing positive mental health and wellbeing in British schools. 
  5. Overseas teachers bring fun and excitement into the classroom. New approaches and a different skill set can inspire young people and you will have the chance to make a real difference in children’s lives. 
  6. Teach in make sure our overseas teachers are paid on par with UK teachers. This is important if you want to travel and see the world!

So how do we support the teachers that register with Teach in?

  1. We are all teachers with UK experience and we will work hard to find out exactly what you are looking for and make sure we make that happen for you. 
  2. We will help you become compliant to work in the UK, get your interview ready, and present job opportunities for you to consider.
  3. We will help you navigate the visa process and once you have secured a job, we will help you cover the cost of your flight to the UK.
  4. We will make sure you are paid on par with British-trained teachers and get the support you need when you start your role. 
  5. You will have a local UK Consultant and us supporting you throughout your UK adventure. 
  6. We make the transition over to the UK as smooth as possible with advice on banking, accommodation, your national insurance number and more. 
  7. We have offices across the UK and experience education staff, so your work and location options are vast. Find out all the places we have work. 

Here are some useful links about teaching in the UK from the UK Department for Education.

If you are considering teaching in the UK, we want to help you!

Here are what other teachers we have helped have to say.

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