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5 tips for your first year of teaching

With the start of the new school year only a month away, many teachers will soon be entering into their first year of teaching. This year will be full of success, missteps and lots of learning. It can be exciting but also daunting starting your teaching career, so we have put together 5 fantastic tips to support you in your new journey.

1 – Build relationships

This relates to students, staff and parents. By creating strong relationships with your students it will create a more comfortable and safe classroom environment. It is also beneficial to create a great working relationship with other staff members as they will act as your support network. Parents also play an important roles in a child’s education so it is imperative you create great relationships with them, this will make your job not only a lot easier but also more enjoyable!

2 – Be clear with expectations and follow through with consequences

As a newly qualified teacher, behaviour management can often be a challenge to overcome. To minimise difficult behaviour in the classroom, have a clear set of expectations which you go over with your class on the first day and continue to revisit throughout the year. Also, make the class aware of the consequences if not adhering to the expectations. Referring to the schools values and behaviour management policy will assist you in putting together your expectations and consequences.

3 – Be flexible

As a teacher you will quickly find that not all lessons will go to plan. You may never be fully prepared for the curveballs teaching will throw your way. So, although it is fantastic to have a lesson plan to follow, be sure to be flexible and remind yourself that not everything you teach will work the way you want it too.

4 – Ask lots of questions

As well as your assigned mentor, there will be other members of staff that will be there to help you through your first year of teaching. Some of them will be very experienced so don’t be afraid to ask questions. This will only make you a better teacher. Remember the best CPD could be the teacher down the corridor.

5 – Be kind to your self

You and your students are going to make lots of mistakes. No one is perfect and even the most experienced teachers still make mistakes along the way. It is important not to be too hard on yourself as your mental wellbeing is very important. Mistakes are part of the learning process so be sure to acknowledge and celebrate these.