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UK Teacher Pay Scales-What will I get paid?

What UK Teacher Salary can I earn?

If you are heading to the UK to teach, it goes without saying that you will probably want to know what UK teacher salary you’re eligible to earn. There are several factors that can determine what salary you will earn as a teacher in the UK. These include:

  • Qualifications
  • Full time experience as a teacher
  • Location
  • Allowances

Teacher salary in the UK: Main Scale

A teacher’s salary in the UK is dependent on all of the factors mentioned above. The ‘Main Scale’ UK teaching salaries for teaching staff that hold British Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) are outlined below.  Pay increases are linked to performance, not length of service, and are usually reviewed annually.

Please note the information in this article was correct at the time of issue. You should always check here for any updates

Area Minimum Maximum
England (excluding London) £28,000 £38,810
London fringe £29,344 £40,083
Outer London £32,407 £43,193
Inner London £34,502 £44,756

These rates were correct at time of issue.

Teacher salary in the UK: Other Pay Scales

Most established teachers will earn more than this maximum by progressing onto the upper pay range for teachers, or by becoming a leading practitioner. Please see other pay scales outlined below. 

If you live in Inner, Outer, or Fringe of London, there will be a small supplementary loading added, as the cost of living is higher in London. All other areas are considered ‘Rest of England’, which are the scales outlined below.

Pay Scale Type Minimum Maximum
Unqualified Teacher £19,340 £30,172
Upper Pay Range £40,625 £43,685
Leading Practitioner £44,523 £67,685
Headteacher £50,122 £123,274

These rates were correct at time of issue.

Teacher salary in the UK: Allowances

As a teacher in the UK, you may be entitled to also receive extra payments for taking on extra responsibilities.

These payments are called ‘teaching and learning responsibility’ (TLR) payments. This would mean taking on extra responsibilities for more pay beyond your standard job description.  This could be leading and developing other staff, working beyond the classroom to enhance student development.  An example might be working as a curriculum leader for a subject or being a year-level coordinator.  TLR’s are awarded at a school’s discretion based on your any extra contribution above and beyond your standard job.  See the TLR scale below:

Teaching & Learning Responsibility Minimum Maximum
TLR 1 £8,706 £14,732
TLR 2 £3,017 £7,368

If you are a fully qualified teacher working with Special Needs Students, then you may be eligible for an SEN allowance, again based on extra contribution above and beyond your standard job description.

Teacher salary in the UK: Is the rate of pay comparable?

If you’re an overseas teacher looking at working as a teacher in the UK, then you will be paid on the UK teacher pay scale relative to the cost of living in the UK.  This means that as a teacher you can live and work in the UK on a UK teacher’s salary as the cost of living is commensurate with the UK teacher pay scale.

If you exchange your current salary for GBP, then it may end up looking like a lot more or a lot less, depending on your home country and the current cost of living there.  It is advisable to just look at the UK teacher pay scales and then review, what rent and food would cost to get a better comparison.

You can rest assured that every British teacher in the UK is also getting paid on the British pay scale and they can live, work and holiday.

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