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Shannon’s Video Guide to Teaching in the UK

Shannon’s Video Guide to Teaching in the UK

WA teacher, Shannon has been in the UK since late 2019, after attending a Teach in Principal Tour in September 2019, and securing a top job in Buckinghamshire.

We have kept in touch with Shannon and heard all about him meeting his Soccer idol, travelling Europe and meeting the love of his life in lockdown! We have also watched him adapt to teaching and living in the UK during COVID. Shannon is currently a COVID officer at his school, and tests students as they arrive to class. Shannon has taken it all in his stride and has fallen in love with the UK. He wanted to share some information with fellow Aussie, Kiwi and Canadian teachers who are thinking of heading over.

You can access 4 X 10 minute videos created by Shannon. He will walk your through his experiences before he arrived in the UK, securing his first  job, getting started in the UK and understanding the differences in the schools he has worked in. He will also offer his tips for travel, banking and making the most out of a UK teaching and travelling experience.

We are happy to answer all the questions that might come up after hearing about Shannon’s experience. Along with the visas options Shan mentions, there is also a new Skilled Work Visa option for older teachers or those with families who want to head over.

You may want more information on the types of schools we work with, our free flight to the UK, our School Partnerships and annual UK Principal Tours or what the pay looks like? We’d love to hear from you and to help you start to plan your BIG overseas adventure. Our service is free and we pride ourselves on offering a transparent, honest and individualised services to every teacher we work with. WE also have offices all over England, so we can accommodate everyone!

You can speak to an Aussie Teacher/ Consultant by calling + 61 4321 766 22 or email australia@teachin.co.uk or registering here.

Enjoy Shan’s short video guides and he looks forward to catching up with you when you arrive in the uk!

Video 1. How I got Here

Video 2. When you arrive

3. UK Schools

4. Attacking life in the UK

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